Football Retro x Wing Indumentaria

Earlier this year, Football Retro Co-Founder Jonny caught up with the crew from Wing

Indumentaria and its founder Juan Ignacio in Argentina.

Amongst the passionate football discussions, BBQ talk and shop envy, we created a working cross-country partnership with this amazing brand.

We are excited to announce that we will be stocking selected Wing Indumentaria products here on Australian shores.

Available right now on our website!

Our aim is to provide unique and quality garments and become the world’s leading one stop location for retro football passion. – the home for those who see football as more than a game. 


Hand Of God | 1986

The 'Hand of God' (La Mano de Dios) is one of the most memorable moments in football history. The greatest player on the planet, Diego Armando Maradona relying on his street football wit to "steal" a goal and a win from the English.

Made by our partners at Wing Indumentaria - Argentina


'El Pibe' Valderrama | 1994

Carlos 'El Pibe' (The Kid) Valderrama is an iconic 90's Colombian football star. He is known for his class as an attacking midfielder but it was his iconic 'golden noodles' hairstyle, on-field jewellery and retro mo that made him a cult footballer.

Made by our partners at Wing Indumentaria - Argentina


Ronaldo 'Super Fenomeno' | Inter Milan 97-02

'O Fenomeno' Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima most commonly known as Ronaldo, is the most exciting #9 of all time. The Brazilian icon has been a superhero in all of the teams he has taken part of, including the Brazilian national team. His time at Inter put him on the map as a world star.

Made in Argentina by our partners at Wing Indumentaria.